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This has to be one of my favourite photos! Does anyone know who originally took this ? ☀️ so awesome 😍

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Bipolar Nebula NGC 6164-6165 (Cederblad 135a,b)

Distance: 4200 Light Years

NGC 6164-5 is a bipolar nebula surrounding the peculiar O 7f star HD 148937.

Although the nebula was believed initially to represent a planetary nebula, it is now understood to represent a shell-like ejected nebula, formed by the winds of its young central star.

Wind blown nebulae are usually considered the outcome of Wolf-Rayet type stars (WR), evolved O-type stars that have left the main sequence, molding their surroundings by way of fierce stellar winds.

In the case of the S-shaped bipolar nebula NGC 6164-5, the central star is not a WR star, but a young O-type supergiant of 40 solar masses. Relatively few examples of such objects are known to exist, making NGC 6164-5 particularly unique.

The true age of the star is not known although estimates of its age vary from a pre-main sequence age of 350,000 years to a more evolved age of one to two million years. HD 148937 is a peculiar type of Of star with exotic emission lines (carbon emission lines (CIII) equal in strength to Nitrogen (NIII)) and other peculiar spectra indicative of significant mass loss. Only five such stars are known to exist, three in our galaxy and two in Small Magellanic Cloud. - Robert Gendler

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Danny + her very large collection of highwaisted colored pants


Tatra Mountains - View from Miętustwo (by Karol Majewski)


Hallstatt, Austria | Fivos Salahas



When you finally get it! 

One of the best feelings.

this is the best

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I found some of the “notes”/study guides I drew for the Anatomy class I took three or four years ago. Maybe these diagrams can be useful to someone else!

Most of the drawings are labeled with directionals — A/P for Anterior and Posterior, R/C for Rostral/Caudal, and I/S for Inferior/Superior. Circle with the dot means coming toward you, circle with the x means going away from you.

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Side Light (by paulsflicker)




Science fails to recognize the single most potent element of human existence 

There is no spoon

there is no scientist

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Warm Colours (by Łukasz Babula)